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Project 2: A Collaborative Model for Healthy Lifestyle in Elementary School Children

Principal Investigators: Dr. Cynthia Greenberg and Elaine Rutowski, RN

Specific Aims

The major goal of this project is to develop promotion of healthy lifestyles in school-aged children in Fullerton and Santa Ana, CA.  Specific objectives are to collect data on health and school performance in a high-risk population of elementary school aged children and to plan a referral program for under- or uninsured children at risk for being overweight or identified as overweight. The referral program will be a collaboration between the Center for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity, Elementary Schools in Santa Ana and Fullerton, Latino Health Access and St. Jude Medical Center Mobile Clinics.  The program will involve health assessment and screening at participating elementary schools, referral of ‘at risk’ children to a community service clinic for additional evaluation by a registered nurse case worker, followed by further referral to a community-based ‘healthy lifestyle’ intervention program focusing on physical activity and nutrition education.
This two-part project is specifically designed to:

  1. assess children’s health and fitness, then determine the relationships between health, fitness,  and academic performance in elementary school aged children
  2. in collaboration with the schools and local community health agencies, develop a referral center for children who are overweight or at-risk for overweight-related health conditions

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