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The Center for the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles, formerly known as the Center for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity, originated from a grant awarded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) titled “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Address Childhood Obesity”. This grant was made possible through the assistance of Congresswomen Loretta Sanchez.

Santa Ana has the largest population in Orange County, 9th largest in California and the 52nd largest in the United States.
Santa Ana population in July 2009 is 340,340. Project map
0.7% increase in Change in population since 2000.
The Hispanic population in the Santa Ana community was 257,097, or 76.1 percent of the total population (compared to the national average of 12.50% percent)

According to the Orange County Health Needs Assessment (2005), approximately 72% of Hispanic adults are overweight or obese. About 42% of Hispanic children have BMI above the 85th percentile.

The dramatic increase in childhood obesity over the past decade has become one of the country’s most urgent public health concerns. Recent reports from the CDC estimate that one in three U.S. children will become diabetic, largely due to obesity and inactivity, unless health habits change, with the odds for Hispanic children being closer to one in two. Because the nature of this problem is so complex and intractable, its solution will require a interdisciplinary approach that will include input and planning from a team of professionals with expertise in child development, educational practice, child psychology, family counseling, health promotion, nutrition, exercise science, and in community services and planning.

The interdisciplinary center at California State University, Fullerton builds upon current research, evaluation and intervention work of faculty and community collaborations in Orange County, fing particularly on the Latino population.  More specifically, the following five projects offer a comprehensive multi-level approach that will inform the design and implementation of current and future programs that are effective for addressing obesity in children, adults, schools and communities. 


  • Project #1: Promoting Breastfeeding to Latinas:  “an Evaluation of a Telenovela”
  • Project #2: Healthy food choices among Latino mothers
  • Project #3: Jump Start Your Day”
  • Project #4: Promoting healthy Eating and PA in Latino youth and families
  • Project #5: Dietary Pattern, PA, & Well-Being among College Students

Additional Studies 2009 – 2010

  • Development of a Mobile Physical Activity Unit to Increase Physical Activity in the 92701 (Santa Ana) Zip Code
  • “The prevalence, Type, and Severity of Chronic Pain Among Overweight/Obese Low-income Hispanic Adults Aged 40+” examines the impact of chronic pain on overweight/obesity and health status
  • "Eating behaviors, Fitness and body mass index in a multi-ethnic college-aged population” Examines eating behaviors, sleep quality and quantity, and socio-cultural factors among college students.




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