Sara E. Johnson, PhD

Sara Johnson Department of Anthropology

Dr. Sara Johnson is Associate Professor and Vice Chair in the Dept. of Anthropology at Cal State Fullerton. The overarching goal that unifies her research is to understand the effect of the social and physical environment on life history trajectories. Her publications form a cohesive body of work on several aspects of decision-making and life course development. Dr. Johnson has researched aging, fertility, parenting, growth rates, resource acquisition and productivity.

Dr. Johnson has worked extensively with both people and nonhuman primates, and spent several years conducting fieldwork in the Okavango Delta of Botswana in southern Africa. She has three current projects focused in Orange County. These include the collaborative development of a Grandparent Resource Center at Cal State Fullerton, an investigation of the cultural and personal factors that influence food choice among undergraduates, and a large scale study of the effects of intergenerational ties and resource exchange on fertility and parenting.

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